Outline of “I-TASU”,#2

2008 年 5 月 25 日

“I-TASU” is Web site production company that develops the business based on Hokkaido and Sapporo City in Japan. Various knowhows and results are accumulated in this field by the establishment in 1995.

Sapporo City is a central city in Hokkaido located in the north end of the Japanese Islands. There are a lot of citizens sensitive to the fashion and the design, and the city in which it makes efforts to the design industry, the contents industry, and the information-technology industry.

The advanced country summit is done by the car by Sapporo City in Doya of about two hours in 2008.

Hokkaido is a region where magnificent nature remains in Japan. The inside and “I-TASU” of rich nature and an advanced character offer the client good quality Web site production.


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